Fundraisers / Charities

Are you a non-profit organization that needs to raise funds to support the many great things your organization does? Elites’ Mission to Achieve Program gives you the ability to exceed expectations when it comes to raising funds. We do this by using our high-quality “wet aged”, “center cut” steaks in combination with our simple “turnkey” fundraising system.

Your Mission to Achieve Program will raise funds on every box of steaks sold, while not having to handle the order, the product, the delivery or the money!

Every time an order or re-order is placed your organization will continue to raise the funds needed to support your cause.

Unlike other fundraisers you will receive funds for everything you do and everything you help get started both directly and indirectly.

Here’s how it works…

  • All sales placed on your personal Elite website you will earn a 10% commission on the total of every sale (not including freight). These are your organizations Personal Sales.
  • For every nonprofit organization or fundraiser, you introduce the Mission to Achieve program, you will earn 5% of every sale that goes through their websites. These are called your organizations Direct Referral Sales.
  • When one of these new organizations helps another organization get started not only will they receive 5% of the sales that organization makes but so will your organization. These are called your Indirect Referral Sales.

The beautiful part of this program is we are here to help you every step of the way. We can help you introduce the Mission to Achieve program to your supporters as well as any organizations you are affiliated with to get them started. We make things very simple and will work with your organization to raise funds all year long with little to no administrational effort on your end.

Your supporters will love Elite Steaks not only for themselves and their families, but to purchase for others as the Perfect Gift! These incredible steaks can be sent to anyone in the United States and will be truly appreciated. Before closing out their order they can even type a custom greeting which will be printed on a card and inserted into the package personalizing the gift. These warm wishes make receiving the package very memorable and a great experience for all!

Once your supporters get a taste of these exclusive steaks orders and reorders will continue to pour in and your fundraising worries may be over! It doesn’t get any better than that!!

Enroll your organization or fundraiser now by clicking on the button below.