Independent Affiliates Welcome!

Are you a motivated individual that would love to help great causes raise the money they need to continue to do great things? Elites’ Mission to Achieve Program gives you the ability to help others, while earning an extra income for you and your family at the same time.

Here are the highlights of the Elite Compensation Plan:

  • All sales placed on your personal Elite website you will earn a 10% commission on the total of every sale (not including freight).  These are called your Personal Sales.

  • For every non profit organization, fundraiser, or affiliate you introduce the program to and get started, you will earn 5% of every sale that goes through their websites.  These are called your Direct Referral Sales.

  • When one of these new organizations helps another organization get started not only will they receive 5% of the sales that organization makes but so will you. These are called your Indirect Referral Sales.

With Elites Mission to Achieve Program you get paid for what you do and what you start. These funds are paid by Elite Specialty Meats to encourage people and nonprofit organizations to continue to present The Mission to Achieve Program and help great causes across the country raise the funds they need to continue to do great things. These bonuses are paid by Elite Specialty and do not affect the amount of funds the nonprofit organizations make from their own personal sales, direct sales, or their indirect sales.

  • At no point will you handle products, or collect money from customers.

  • No recruiting necessary. Helping others get started will maximize funds you receive but is purely optional.