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Here’s your chance to enjoy world class foods and support a great cause at the same time!

Elite Specialty Meats MISSION

Our Mission to Achieve Program is a movement.  A movement to bring together those who enjoy great tasting meats with organizations like yours that need to raise funds to continue to do the great things you do!  We accomplish this by using Elites high quality meats in combination with our simple “Turnkey Fundraising System”.

Elite’s Mission to Achieve gives non profit organizations the ability to raise funds in three separate ways.  The first way is by making these high-quality exclusive products available to friends and loyal supporters.A generous portion of every order will go directly to support your cause.

Once the MTA Program starts to work for your organization you will have the ability to earn “Direct” as well as “Indirect” Referral Revenue Benefits.   Referral Revenue Benefits are achieved from organizations you directly or indirectly help get set up with Elites Mission to Achieve Program.  These organizations and the sales they make will be indefinitely connected with yours.  Referral Revenue Benefits are paid by Elite Specialty Meats to your organization and do not affectthe new organizations sales or proceeds they receive from their own efforts.This is Elites way to give back and thank those organizations for actively participating fully in the Elite Mission to Achieve Program.

Get off to a fast start and get your organization set up now!

Simply go to the fundraiser / charities tab and click the Blue Register now button and you will be set up in just a few short minutes.  You will receive your own coded url Elite Specialty Meats website where all orders or any organizations you help get started will be continuously tracked.

Place your Order today!

Once you are set up it’s a perfect time to place your first order to get things started.  You will love receiving or gifting these exclusive products!  It will satisfy your taste as well as your humanitarian desire to give back!

Elite products make the perfect gift!

Congratulating, thanking and gifting couldn’t be easier, more appreciated, or more Elite!  Treat yourself and the ones you love to the very best!  Thank you!  Enjoy!

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