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Successful Fundraising Starts Here!

At Elite Specialty Meats, “Our Mission to Achieve Program” is designed to help charities, fundraisers, and nonprofit organizations across the country exceed expectations when it comes to raising money. We do this by using our high quality meats in combination with our simple “turnkey” fundraising system.

Our “Mission to Achieve Program" allows charities, fundraisers, and non profit organizations to raise needed funds on every box of steaks sold, while not having to handle the order, the product, the delivery or the money.

Every time an order, or re-order, is placed, your organization will continue to raise the money needed to support your cause. Unlike other fundraisers that are a lot of work, our system will work for YOU, and raise money all year long!

Elite Specialty Meats make the perfect gift! Our steaks can be sent to anyone in the United States, and will be appreciated and enjoyed by all! You can even type a custom greeting which will be printed on a greeting card and inserted into your package personalizing the gift. These warm wishes make receiving the package very memorable and a great experience for all!