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Our T-bone’s our incredibly bold and flavorful! Like the Porterhouse steaks you get the rich full flavor of the New York Strip plus the tenderness and flavor of the filet! Our T-Bones come from the finest Mid-Western grain-fed steer. They are hand selected, wet aged 20-28 days, and marbled to perfection! Our T-bones are rated by the USDA and are in the top 2% of all steaks in the country! Choose from any of our three product grades. Choose from our USDA Prime, Choice, or USDA Select Lean Line.

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About T-Bones

The T-bone and porterhouse are steaks of beef cut from the short loin (called the sirloin in Commonwealth countries). Both steaks include a “T-shaped” bone with meat on each side. Porterhouse steaks are cut from the rear end of the short loin and thus include more tenderloin steak, along with (on the other side of the bone) a large strip steak. T-bone steaks are cut closer to the front and contain a smaller section of tenderloin.


12 oz, 14 oz, 18 oz


USDA Prime, USDA Choice, USDA Select Lean Line